a few Worthwhile Films productions:


Dane Waters: A Reflection Of Us All (with Madison Area Storm Water Partnership is a 26-minute documentary which explains environmental effects of storm water, current programs, and steps individuals can take to protect lakes and streams. Videographer award.

University Wild (with University of Wisconsin – Madison) is an 18-minute exploration of UW’s Campus Natural Areas encouraging responsible recreational and academic use. Recognition includes Worldfest Houston Silver, Telly, and Videographer Awards.

The Baraboo Bluffs, Forest with a Future (with The Nature Conservancy) is a 25-minute documentary which hopes to convince local landowners and government officials to take an active interest in preserving the unique natural features and resources of the Baraboo Hills.

Tram Chim: Pearl of the Mekong Delta (with the International Crane Foundation) is a bilingual documentary about endangered cranes on large nature reserve in the Mekong Delta, Viet Nam. Awards at Ambiente-Incontri (Italy), NAAEE (Mexico), IWFF (US); distributed by CTC.

2020 Vision: Managing for a Livable Urban Habitat (with The Greenbelt Network) is a half-hour documentary on the roles of open space and growth management in urban planning problems and solutions. Award at FIFAL (Romania); distributed by Lucerne Media.

The Nature Conservancy – Wisconsin Chapter is a 13-minute fundraising program.

Social Service / Issues

Adjustment To Blindness Training (with Blind, Incorporated) is a documentary glimpse of daily activities at BLIND, Incorporated, an NFB-affiliated blindness training center.

Charter School Partners is an introductory video for an advocacy organization for Twin Cities area charter schools.

Community Report (with Greater Twin Cities United Way) is a set of three 4-minute documentaries featuring United Way supported organizations. Produced for an online annual report.

Childcare Accreditation Program (with Greater Twin Cities United Way) is a 65-minute documentary demonstrating the need for high quality accredited childcare for all children.

Pass the Grade (with Greater Twin Cities United Way) is a series of five shorts to promote engagement in an online fundraising game campaign.

Dawn of a New Day (with Rachelle Richardson Communications) is a 19-minute documentary on Mashambanzou, an AIDS relief organization in Zimbabwe. Edited at Worthwhile Films.

Pathways to Independence (with Wisconsin DHSS) is a 20-minute documentary introduction to a pioneering career training and advocacy program for people with “severe disabilities”.

On Your Own: Living Independently with Cerebral Palsy (with United Cerebral Palsy) is a half-hour documentary examining some of the issues and logistics of “moving out”. Distributed by CMIL (UC Berkeley), aired on Wisconsin Public Television.

New Hmong Life in America (with Ge Yang & Shoua Vang) is a 40-minute bilingual documentary about the experiences of Hmong refugees in this country. Distributed by Worthwhile Films.

Wisconsin Partnership Program (with Wisconsin DHSS) consists of two 5-minute case studies of people with multiple disabilities who are served by this innovative program.

Waiting in Milwaukee County (Wisconsin Council on Developmental Disabilities) is a 10-minute documentary promoting funding to alleviate long waiting lists for basic services.

CHIPS: Working for You is a 20-minute introduction for children coming in contact with the juvenile justice system. Distributed by the State Bar of Wisconsin.

Collaboration: Because It’s Good for Children and Families (with CESA 5/Portage Project) is a 35-minute documentary-style discussion of resource sharing for Head Start programs.

Steps in the Process to Special Education Services (with Head Start) is a multimedia program for the parents of children with special needs.

Opportunity in Boston is a 10-minute video report on the status of equal opportunity programs in the Boston corporate world.

Walnut Street TV is a cable television program produced by a group of developmentally disabled adults. Steve Braker, founder/director.

Ayúdame is a documentary about an intensive Spanish-language program for members of the New York City Transit Police.

Education / Training

Parent Further Yoga (with Search Institute) demonstrates a series of three 15-minute yoga sessions for families to practice together.

Creating Meaning Through Measurement (with Quantum Learning Dynamics) is a 25-minute series of documentary vignettes for school district training.

Anthropometrics: A Guide for Research Sites (for Adult Aids Clinical Trials Group) is a series of instructional vignettes on measurement procedures for AIDS treatment research.

Circle of Friends (with CESA 5) is a 15-minute introduction to a school mainstreaming program for children with severe disabilities.

Sign Songs (with Aylmer Press) is a half-hour children’s music video with integrated ASL interpretation of Ken Lonnquist songs (Parents’ Choice; Kids First; Booklist Editor’s Choice).

The CNRED Agent: An Overview for Candidates (with Scott Savage) is a 1-hour introduction to the rewards and demands of a UW-Extension position.

Wash That Baby: A Guide for New Parents (with Mercy Hospital) is a 20-minute introduction to preventive maintenance procedures for new humans.

VTCS Maintenance and Operation (with Intersect Productions) is a 10-hour training and reference program for operators of the New York City traffic control system.

Employer Assessment (with Conscious Image) is one of a series of videos used in job-placement training for Wisconsin DHSS / Division of Vocational Rehabilitation staff.

Arts / Etcetera

Northfield History Podcasts (with Northfield Historical Society et. al.), a series of 14 video podcasts on downtown Northfield, Minnesota buildings. Steve Braker, editor.

The Field of Dreams Ghost Players (for Dreamcatcher Productions) , an hour-long broadcast documentary about the “Harlem Globetrotters of Baseball”. Steve Braker, archival supervisor.

Demo reels (for Tap-It New Works): a series of 20+ demo reels to assist in funding and booking for a touring non-profit theater company.

Bringing Music to Life is an 8-minute promotion for the Wisconsin School Music Association.

A Place to Grow and Prosper (with Praxis Publications) is an 11-minute informational program on Milwaukee’s Minority Publishers’ Incubator.

Smart Tools for Schools (with Quantum Learning Dynamics) is a 50-minute direct training program for school administrators and teachers.

Improving School Results: Creating a System for Accountability (with QLD) is a 35-minute introduction to new concepts in teaching and school administration.

16mm Projection (with SIAC Films) is a humorous 12-minute 16mm training film for would-be film projectionists.

Very Special Arts – Wisconsin is a promotional/fundraising video for an organization which sponsors arts festivals and other cultural experiences for children with disabilities

Beginning Reading and Sign Language (with Aylmer Press)is a 30-minute instructional tape which teaches 120 basic words in ASL.

Rockhouse: A Tribute to Otis Redding (Mana Lapho Films) is a Madison-based dramatic feature; Steve Braker, director of photography.

The Palm Wine Drinkard (with Nick Lawrence) is a 45-minute multi-media adaptation of the Amos Tutuola novel.

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