A copious list of partners, clients, collaborators, funders, distributors, and more should appear here. In the meantime, here are a few coerced testimonials:

I will always be grateful for the phenomenal job you did on my Mashambanzou Care Trust project. Somehow, you managed to help me corral five hours of footage that was taken with no particular end in mind, into 20 minutes of riveting video about the AIDS situation in Africa as told through one day at an AIDS charity in Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa. Thanks to your story-telling skills, this video never ceases to bring tears to people’s eyes and sometimes even makes them dip into their pockets for contributions.

Your dedication to this project was undaunting, and your technical skills were amazing. I particularly appreciate how you were able to take consumer-grade audio, taken in the field and in the worst conditions — like inside a noisy van — and transform it into discernible audio, as you were also somehow able to work your magic on the grainy, low-light camcorder video.

As a professional producer who had always directed others to shoot and record, and also as someone who never worked without a script, I found our collaboration to be heaven-sent (except for the fact that you never let me into your edit suite!). You taught me a great deal about structuring a powerful documentary. You discovered the gems in footage that I had “discarded” as irrelevant. Thanks to you, thousands of dollars have been raised to improve the lives of people in Zimbabwe. I will never forget the day I found you by chance (?) in the Yellow Pages.

Rachelle Richardson
Rachelle Richardson Communications

Through the creation of a documentary on the restoration story at what is now Tram Chim National Park (Vietnam), Worthwhile Films played a crucial role in making this conservation success story a reality. The combination of cultural and scientific concepts underlying the activities at Tram Chim, as presented in your documentary, motivated people of a wide variety of backgrounds and national identities. That collective experience was exactly what Tram Chim needed at the time. Without it, I believe the project might well have failed. In addition to producing a fine product, the humor, patience, flexibility and persistence with which you worked in Vietnam and in Wisconsin were enormous assets that complemented your artistic skills superbly and added tremendously to the overall success of the documentary. Thank you very much for those efforts. Sincerely,

Jeb Barzen
Director, Field Ecology
International Crane Foundation

I had never worked on a documentary before working with Steve. Needless to say, I was nervous about tackling this endeavor and creating something meaningful and lasting since I had no previous experience to build from. Steve was an incredible teacher: patient, wise, insightful…and with a necessary and healthy dose of humor to boot. He took away any feelings of concern or intimidation I had approaching this task. He worked closely with me without at any point taking over. His editing skills are fantastic and I am really proud of the final product. I would work with Steve any time the opportunity presented himself. He is wonderful.

Andrea Dearlove
formerly Director of Communications
The Nature Conservancy, Wisconsin Chapter

A few Glowing Comments:

I had almost no experience with video production but was interested in learning. Steve treated me as a partner and helped guide me through the process. With endless patience he explained how to get the results I wanted while leaving the creative control with me. His camera work and studio production skills were the icing on the cake. Together we created a video that still makes me proud, five years later.

Steve was very flexible but always committed to producing a top-notch product. I felt he was as dedicated to our cause I was.

Steve’s easy-going style and good humor made our collaboration all the more enjoyable. We would hash out production problems over a donut and a cup of coffee, and he’d bring the donuts!

It took many hours of work, but producing a video with Worthwhile Films was one of the most rewarding creative experiences I’ve had as a professional communicator.

In this increasingly chaotic, cacophonous, multitasking world, it’s a great relief to find another one-thing-at-a-time, please, linear thinker.

Okay, you may want to strike that last one. But from one linear thinker to another, it’s true.

Tom Sinclair
Public Information Manager
Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
University of Wisconsin – Madison

Steve, this is a long overdue thank you for the great work on “Dane Waters: A Reflection of Us All” video.

While I was really excited to finally develop a video for our outreach program, extracting the technical content from a group of engineers and various government staff into something appealing to the general public was a daunting task. Your help in making our message engaging was really amazing.

Although our committee had an idea of what we wanted to do, none of us had ever developed an outreach video before. So, we not only didn’t know what to expect, but had no idea how to go about effectively presenting our message without appearing bureaucratic. You saved us from making yet another conventional narrated film. Your talent and skills opened us up to possibilities of employing a different method of using only interviews, which proved to be a winning technique.

While many consultants shy away from projects developed by committee, you were able to take our ideas and techno-speak and turn them into a polished, useful, interesting tool to raise citizens’ awareness of the threats storm water poses to our beautiful lakes, rivers and streams. Your easy-going style put the many interviewees at ease and your editing expertise freed a compelling message from all the footage. I was very comfortable bringing the committee’s questions and concerns to you. We always felt like we were in control of the content, yet all along were confident that your management of this project was taking us in the right direction.

“Dane Waters…” has become one of our most relied upon means of sharing information with our target audience. MAMSWaP municipalities, their consultants and many others are using the video in many forums including local cable access channels. It has become that proverbial “foot in the door” with folks that makes that link between personal action and impact on the lakes that leads people to learn more and take action.

Plus, it was a lot of fun. On behalf of the Madison Area Municipal Storm Water Partnership and, thank you for your professionalism, expertise, humor and care in producing a fabulous video. You’re at the top of our list should we ever be able to do such a project again.


Marcia Hartwig
Storm Water Education Coordinator
Madison Area Municipal Storm Water Partnership


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